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[ga] Courtesy Copies of Postings

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Sent: Friday, April 13, 2001 12:50 AM (AEST)
Subject: Re: [ga] vote appeal

Hi Roberto

Can somebody please tell me why we need to copy everybody in the world?
In particular why  <icann-board@icann.org> and <icann@icann.org> > ?

This is a poor practice, imo, which should be tempered with common sense.

(1)    It's just not practical for all mail of all constituencies to be copied
to ICANN.  If they are interested in the GA proceedings, they can subscribe to
the list themselves.

(2)    The only reason to copy anybody OFF list is as a courtesy when they are
referenced in the email itself.  This is most likely to apply to academics and
those in senior positions.

(3)    People on the [ga] list gets a copy anyway, they do not need multiple
copies.  In fact this might be confusing for those who are not subscribed to

However, I would support ONE extra copy where the reply is directly addressed to
a person (as I have done with this posting).  This allows the addressee more
time to respond and is a useful mechanism for easier sorting and filtering of
mail according to the people involved.

Best regards
Patrick Corliss

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