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Re: [ga] vote appeal

on 4/12/01 10:50 AM, Roberto Gaetano at ga_chair@hotmail.com wrote:

> Also, you said you never participated in an election where you could vote
> multiple times, and the last vote counted. Well, in this case you must not
> have participated to ICANN's AtLarge election, because that was exactly the
> same case.

Thank you for clarifying your position, and I confirm that I did vote in the
@Large Elections. You may be confusing this:-

"Can I change my endorsement?

Yes. Simply log in again and make your new endorsement. Your prior
endorsement will be automatically deleted."

with this:-

"Can I change my vote, after it has been submitted?

No. A vote cannot be changed after it has been submitted. Votes are recorded
anonymously; therefore, it is not possible to change votes once they have
been submitted."




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