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[ga] Vote Appeal 2

It got me wondering so I looked to exactly who were these watchdogs and how did they become so:

"IV.A nomination watchdog committee has been formed to police the nomination process to help detect and cure any instances of fraudulent
     activity in connection with the nomination process."

It just got "formed".  Interesting, but more interesting is who watches them when they commit fraudulent activity, like misrepresenting the rules, remember intentional or wreckless misrepresentation is fraud in ICANN's jurisdiction.

     "Any instances of fraudulent nominations or endorsements should be reported to this committee at the following email address:
     ga-watchdog@dnso.org, with a copy to the Names Council at council@dnso.org, This committee and the Names Council shall have the
     sole discretion as to how to deal with any such reported activity."

This I garauntee is not correct. That is why we have prosecutors and courts.

     Watchdog Committee list archive in http://www.dnso.org/clubpublic/ga-watchdog/Arc00/

     The members to the Watchdog Committee in 2001 election are:
          Roberto Gaetano
          Harald Alvestrand
          Kent Crispin
          Dany Vandromme
          Alexander Svensson
          Izumi Aizu

          Jonathan Weinberg, who was member to the Watchdog Committee, has resigned since he accepted his nomination, cf.

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