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Re: [ga] Vote Appeal 2


Since this is adressed to ga-watchdog, I assume it is a complaint.

>It got me wondering so I looked to exactly who were these watchdogs and
>how did they become so:
>"IV.A nomination watchdog committee has been formed to police the
>nomination process to help detect and cure any instances of fraudulent
>      activity in connection with the nomination process."
>It just got "formed".  Interesting, but more interesting is who watches
>them when they commit fraudulent activity, like misrepresenting the
>rules, remember intentional or wreckless misrepresentation is fraud in
>ICANN's jurisdiction.

Is this a question or a statement?
In case it's a question, the answer is: "Potentially, the whole world 
watches us, since the mail exchanges to ga-watchdog are publicly archived, 
including the present one."
But what exactly are you complaining for?
Which misrepresentation of which rule?
Which "fraudulent" activity?

You have to have patience with me.
Contrary to you, I have a low QI and English is only my third language.
Can you describe in wording that the below-average non-english person can 
understand *what is exactly you complain about*, quoting the specific facts, 
refraining from generic statements, and giving the element to be able to 
evaluate the case? If your purpose is to file a complaint that should be 
taken into consideration, it would seem to me a sensible thing to do.

>      "Any instances of fraudulent nominations or endorsements should be
>reported to this committee at the following email address:
>      ga-watchdog@dnso.org, with a copy to the Names Council at
>council@dnso.org, This committee and the Names Council shall have the
>      sole discretion as to how to deal with any such reported activity."
>This I garauntee is not correct. That is why we have prosecutors and

As I said in a previous answer, you are free to file a lawsuit to the court 
of your choice.
Why are you not doing it, since you mentioned it already twice?
What does stop you?

Please, do it, so at least we will have some accomplishment.


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