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[ga] Critics say stick to the topic

Gee, Robin, I can't afford a DVD recorder, which would enable me to distribute my movies widely and with high quality.  I guess I'll steal one.

If I can't steal one, I'll fume and moan about Pioneer's pricing.

Whenever someone with pioneer.com in his E-mail address posts something, I'll attack him for things he has nothing to do with, and then launch into a diatribe about Pioneer's corporate practices and how they bullied this or that hapless cowboy.

When Autodesk or Proctor & Gamble speak up in this forum, then you can respond to them.  Until then, LEAVE ME AND THE REST OF US OUT OF IT.

Gavin (not pronounced "autodesk")

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One word - Proctor and Gamble.

One of the biggest speculators there is. Want to take them on? 

And yes, I remember what happened to that guy, being bullied by your employer.
Until your employer got bullied back and backed down. I have been bullied by
large corps too, over a name we had every right to have, that were every bit
relevant to our business and to the birthname of my fiance. It did not help us
in the slightest.

Sorry, but you wont gain much sympathy on my ear for Autodesk bullying that
artist with The3dStudio.com domain name. Its the same kind of bully behaviour
that so many fan sites have to endure. The letter they sent that guy was simply
atrocious, and I know how those letters are. I happen to know two artists well
that both use 3d Studio Max, neither one can afford the software. But both use
legal copies. At work, copies licensed by their employers. But, I refuse to
ever use it. Its too expensive for an independent artist. I have found other
less expensive software that fits my needs perfectly. But your company thought
it ok to deride that artist for using the software and not being registered,
using that as a basis to steal his domain name. It would surely help with more
registrations if they made the software affordable.

I've gotten these sorry cease and desist letters too, on a domain name that was
simply based on my fiances name, with a viable website concerning his personal
self and business using that name for the last 20 years. 20 years not a
problem... but unfortunately, a large unrelated corporation had green eyes for
the domain, and stopped short of nothing to steal it from us. By both legal and
illegal means. Yes they had a trademark on the initials of his birth name. Yes,
they were able to prevent him from using his birthname in many areas of
business - because he couldnt afford to fight a long expensive legal battle to
keep all the rights to his birthname. Yes, its downright sick. Yes, its the
trend nowadays. We are the nameless masses that you must protect the public
from. Just someone forgot to tell you, we are the public. :)

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