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Re: [ga] Critics say stick to the topic

gavin.stokes@autodesk.com wrote:
> Gee, Robin, I can't afford a DVD recorder, which would enable me to distribute my movies widely and with high quality.  I guess I'll steal one.
> If I can't steal one, I'll fume and moan about Pioneer's pricing.
> Whenever someone with pioneer.com in his E-mail address posts something, I'll attack him for things he has nothing to do with, and then launch into a diatribe about Pioneer's corporate practices and how they bullied this or that hapless cowboy.
> When Autodesk or Proctor & Gamble speak up in this forum, then you can respond to them.  Until then, LEAVE ME AND THE REST OF US OUT OF IT.

Since you chose to use your biz addy to write here, you have to reap the
consequences for that decision.

To me, it seems more like you don't know what you're talking about. You
complain about cybersquatting and there are no rules in ICANN to address it.
There are rules. Its called the UDRP. 

You complain about sunrise being for cybersquatters, when its really set up for
corporations with lots of famous TMs - like the one you work for.

BTW - I dont have a DVD recorder either. But I can record video disk. :-) and
~I~ can at least get a test version of a dvd recorder for a test drive if I
really wanted it. Bet you can't. :)

But still - I see no reason to use software that costs more than my computer
does. Its against my philosophy on buying software. I know how development
costs are. I have enough programmer friends, most with their own businesses.
Who are you calling thief? Its not me. I ~paid~ for my software that I use.

And what you forget is - I'm not complaining. I said I use other, less
expensive alternatives. Its not like Max is the only 3d software on the market
- its not like DVD recorders. And guess what. I have bought software here that
can read and write 3ds format. :)

And who is changing the subject? You are. I said. Again. Rinse. I shall repeat.
This is what I am REALLY complaining about:

Autodesk used not having a registration for Max as AN EXCUSE to THREATEN an
artist out of his legally-held in-good-faith registered paid-for domain name
that was being used for a legitimate website. What I did before, was show you
how you may not be registered and yet be using the software legally... as I
said before, the artists I know that use it, use it at work and are not
licensed themselves. Their employers bought the license.

Autodesk was doing the reverse-domain hijacking here in this case. I - having
been on the receiving end of reverse-domain hijacking - understand this problem
all too well. This kind of thing happens WAY TOO OFTEN to average Joes and
Janes, and that is what I am complaining about. This is a 'real' threat to the
public, they are losing their right to possess domain names and set up
in-good-faith websites, losing their sites quietly to threats of long drawn-out
lawsuits. Like what nearly happened in this example I just cited. This is what
happened to us, and I got the 30K+ bill to prove it.

If the UDRP is interpreted 'strictly' by arbitrators, it 'should' protect the
average public too, and not just protect the TM holders. Unfortunately this
does not happen all the time - it is better than what we had before, however.

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