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Re: [ga] gTLD Constituency

Kent Said...
> Let's think about that just a second.  Of course then, when the
> application was finally turned down, you should be kicked out of the
> constituency.  Is that what you have in mind? Or maybe you think that
> your $50,000 should be viewed as a yearly lobbying fee, perhaps?  Or 
> does it entitle you to membership forever?

Good question. You say "finally turned down." Not only has nobody
been turned down, but ICANN has gone out of their way to insist
that nobody has been turned down. So being kicked out as a result
is a non-issue.

But let's presume that one *is* turned down. Then yes, I believe
you should no longer be in the constituency. If a law firm who is
a member of the IPC goes out of business, do they still belong?
If a registrar goes out of business, do they belong? And, for that
matter, all of the members of the registrar's constituency have paid
their fee to ICANN as well. If they're turned down, do they get
the fee back? I don't believe so. So, you pay your fee, you don't
get turned down, you belong to the constituency. 

So that's an excellent suggestion, and I accept it.

I'm so glad that we're making progress.


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