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[ga] gTLD Constituency

Milton Mueller wrote:

I have a question about the gTLD constituency.

It seems to me that there are now at least 25 recognized generic TLD
operators or applicants. 7 of them were authorized to get new contracts back
in November. Of the remaining dozen or so, ICANN Staff has repeatedly said
that their applications are not rejected but are basically "on hold"
awaiting the results of the so-called "proof of concept."

Why are these organizations not included in the gTLD constituency?

Are these registries and registry applicants not deserving of representation
in the DNSO? This is particularly difficult to understand for the 7 new
registries. Why has the DNSO not quickly taken measures to create a REAL
gTLD constituency?

Milton has raised a very good question.  Patrick Corliss has also noted, "In
Australia, Connect.com is both a Registry and a Registrar for .net.au."
Others assuredly will bring forward additional examples of other gTLD
registries.  As the gTLD Constituency already exists, I would think that now
is the time for those with rights to participation to assert those rights.

What are you waiting for?

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