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[ga] Making Sense on the List

On Wednesday, April 04, 2001 6:58 PM (AEST), Eric Dierker wrote:
Subject: Re: [ga] withdrawal of candidacy

> In that I do not agree with the method of banning and i find Mr. Crispin and
> Mr. Crocker and Mr. Walsh far more culpable as far as stifling input, I post
> this concept from the Harald eradicted Mr. Williams as a suggestion that we
> are not outnumbered but only have to vote.  I finally realized why these list
> centurions were against campaigning, it might upset the goal they were sent
> to realize; Keep anyone who differs from their point of view off the active
> participation list and do it by whipping them to death so no one else tries
> the same thing.

Hi Eric

Please trust me when I say that it is not worth supporting Jeff Williams.

Mr Williams has been a disruptive influence on this list and many others for a
considerable time as has been banned on several occasions and not just by
Harald.  He knows very well that he has been banned and continues to post to the
[ga] list in order to get a response.  I would truly prefer that none of us
cater to his demands for attention -- it just encourages him to more excess.

William X. Walsh is very well-informed on DNS issues and often makes good sense.
Kent Crispin's views stimulate the debate and allow some of us to examine issues
from a different perspective.  Dave Crocker's postings should be dealt with in
the manner they deserve.

Some list postings may not be to my own taste but that's to be expected when
a diverse group of highly intelligent people tackle issues of importance.  All
of us must deal with the facts of life as we find them.

Personally I feel quite comfortable with my capacity to deal with provocation.
However, I have the greatest respect for the other members and do not want to
burden them with constant argument.  I try therefore to make each contribution
worthwhile in its own right.  It's nothing to do with being stifled.

I really don't believe that debate has been stifled in any real sense.  In fact,
the reverse is true as was shown by Roeland Meyer's debate with Kent Crispin
on ICANN membership.  I found that exchange most informative.

The best course of action is to write carefully and treat the issues sensibly.
My preferred technique is to address the points I want to make clearly the first
time then step away from any ongoing debate.  I also try to ignore criticism.

The worst mistake that any of us can make is to try to have the last word.

Best wishes
Patrick Corliss

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