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Re: [ga] withdrawal of candidacy

Hi Alexander

On Wednesday, April 04, 2001 8:41 AM, Alexander Svensson wrote:
> Problem:
> To fill out the ballot, you are not required to rank all
> candidates, you may also rank one or two of them.
> (cf. http://www.dnso.org/dnso/notes/2001.GA-chair-election-rules-v0.2.html)
> If you have just cast a vote for a candidate which now
> resigns and not for any other ones, your vote is wasted.

Thank you for your comments.  A posting of mine made a few minutes ago did not
reflect this possibility.  I voted all four candidates on the ballot paper (a
common voting method in Australia) and expected all electors to do likewise.
Clearly my expectation was distorted by local customs.

This now presents another problem.  Do you allow all voters to recast their
ballots ? Or only those who did not select all four candidates (i.e. submitted
an incomplete ballot)?

There's also difficulty in determining who voted befor/after Jon's announcement.

Should there be any possibility of submitting another vote, it must be afforded
to all.  Othererwise you have intense problems in deciding the cut-off time of
Jon's announcement.

Effectively that means a new election.

In hindsight, it is necessary to require voters to complete the ballet paper
with all four choices.  Provided no new candidates are introduced, the voter's
intention could have been determined without calling for a new ballt paper.

Best regards
Patrick Corliss

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