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Re: Fw: [ga] Re: [voters] Agenda suggestions for the next NC teleconferences

At 18:34 05/12/2000 +0100, Roberto Gaetano wrote:
>I may be naive, but... what does it mean "closed WG"? do we have such 
>animal in the DNSO? WGs are by definition open to everybody.

when I asked to join WG-B and WG-C, I quoted my ACM membership as proof 
that I was a relevant member (since ACM was a member of NCDNHC).

This may have been totally unneccessary; I'd be happy if that was the case.

Harald Tveit Alvestrand, alvestrand@cisco.com
+47 41 44 29 94
Personal email: Harald@Alvestrand.no

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