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Re: [council] good bye

Dear Thomas and Alexander,

Let me complete my thanks to you for excellent work
with thanks to all other colleagues:

1. To former GA Chairs and Alternate:
    Roberto Gaetano and Harald Alvestrand,
    Danny Younger and Patrick Corliss,

   and to all GA Members for their participation in the DNSO,
   a forum open to everybody:
   * As of Tue 10 December 2002, 623 persons are registered
     in the DNSO GA voting registry, cf.
   * As of Sun 15 December 2002, 1046 different e-mail addresses
     are subscribing to GA lists (328 in ga or ga-full or ga-digest
     and 889 in announce@dnso.org), cf.
   Last not the least - many ccTLD members are on the DNSO lists,
   some are or were active participants.

2. To all Council members since origin, which names are kept
   in pages of each constituency:

   54 different persons were members to the DNSO Names Council:
      * 18 North America
      *  7 Latin America and Caribbeans
      * 16 Europe
      * 11 Asia and Pacific
      *  2 Africa
   Their names are listed below.

3. To the DNSO elected 3 ICANN Board Directors:
     Alejandro Pisanty, elected in 1999, re-elected in 2002
     Amadeu Abril i Abril, elected in 1999, re-elected in 2001
     Jonathan Cohen, elected in 1999, re-elected in 2000

4. To Glen de St Gery and AFNIC staff providing DNSO Secretariat

With my best regards to all,
Elisabeth Porteneuve

A. A summary of 3 years of the DNSO, published on 25 May 2002 is at:

B. The DNSO Names Council members, May 1999 to December 2002:
    Europe (.es) - Javier Sola javier@aui.es
    NorthA (.us) - Jon Englund jenglund@excitehome.net
    NorthA (.us) - Theresa Swinehart Theresa.Swinehart@wcom.com
    Europe (.uk) - Philip Sheppard philip.sheppard@aim.be
    AsiaPac (.jp) - Masanobu Katoh mkatoh@wdc.fujitsu.com
    AsiaPac (.nz) - Grant Forsyth Grant.Forsyth@team.telstraclear.co.nz
    NorthA (.us) - Marilyn Cade mcade@att.com
gTLD Registries:
    NorthA (.us) - Don Telage dont@netsol.com
    NorthA (.us) - David R. Johnson djohnson@wilmer.com
    NorthA (.us) - Phil Sbarbaro psbar@hanson-molloy.com
    NorthA (.us) - Roger Cochetti rcochetti@verisign.com
    AsiaPac (.au) - Richard Tindal Richard.Tindal@neulevel.biz
    Europe (.se) - Cary Karp ck@nic.museum
    AsiaPac (.nz) - Jordyn Buchanan Jordyn.Buchanan@Registrypro.com
    Europe (.de) - Michael Schneider sastre@anwalt.de
    AsiaPac (.jp) - Hirofumi Hotta h.hotta@hco.ntt.co.jp
    LatinAC (.ar) - Antonio Harris harris@cabase.org.ar
    Europe (.uk) - Tony Holmes tony.ar.holmes@bt.com
    NorthAm (.us) - Greg Ruth greg_ruth@yahoo.com
    AsiaPac (.kr) - Youn Jung Park yjpark@myepark.com
    NorthAm (.us) - Kathryn Kleiman KathrynKL@aol.com
    LatinAC (.fr) - Raul Echeberria raul@inia.org.uy
    Africa (.mr) - Zakaria Amar zakaria@univ-nkc.mr
    Europe (.fr) - Dany Vandromme vandrome@renater.fr
    NorthAm (.us) - Milton Mueller mueller@syracuse.edu
    LatinAC (.pa) - Nilda Vany Martinez Grajales vany@sdnp.org.pa
    AsiaPac (.kr) - Eung Hwi Chun ehchun@peacenet.or.kr
    NorthAm (.us) - Harold Feld hfeld@mediaaccess.org
    LatinAC (.pe) - Erick Iriarte faia@amauta.rcp.net.pe
    Europe (.es) - Amadeu Abril i Abril amadeu@nominalia.com
    AsiaPac (.jp) - Richard Lindsay richard@interq.ad.jp
    NorthA (.us) - Ken Stubbs kstubbs@corenic.org
    AsiaPac (.au) - Erica Roberts erica.roberts@bigpond.com
    Europe (.uk) - Paul Kane Paul.Kane@reacto.com
    Europe (.de) - Philipp Grabensee philg@grabensee.com
    AsiaPac (.au) - Bruce Tonkin bruce.tonkin@melbourneit.com.au
Intellectual Property:
    NorthA (.ca) - Jonathan Cohen jcohen@shapirocohen.com
    NorthA (.us) - Caroline Chicoine chicoinc@PeperMartin.com
    Europe (.be) - Ted Shapiro Ted_Shapiro@mpaa.org
    NorthA (.ca) - Victoria Carrington vcarrington@shapirocohen.com
    Europe (.de) - Axel Aus der Muhlen aaus@mpaa.org
    LatinAC (.cl) - Guillermo Carey gcarey@carey.cl
    Europe (.fr) - Laurence Djolakian Laurence_Djolakian@mpaa.org
    NorthA (.us) - J. Scott Evans jse@adamspat.com
    AsiaPac (.il) - Ellen Shankman shankmane@yahoo.com
ccTLD Registries:
    Africa (.gh) - Nii Quaynor quaynor@ghana.com
    Europe (centr) - Fay Howard fay@centr.org
    NorthAm (.us) - Bill Semich bill@mai.nic.nu
    Europe (.ie) - Dennis Jennings Dennis.Jennings@ucd.ie
    LatinAC (.cl) - Patricio Poblete ppoblete@nic.cl
    Europe (.gg) - Nigel Roberts nigel@nic.gg
    NorthA (.vi) - Peter de Blanc pdeblanc@usvi.net
    Europe (.fr) - Elisabeth Porteneuve Elisabeth.Porteneuve@cetp.ipsl.fr
    LatinAC (.mx) - Oscar Alejandro Robles Garay orobles@nic.mx
    On 26 June 2002 Peter de Blanc, the ccTLD Manager of .vi passed away, 
    cf. http://www.ccwhois.org/inmemoriam


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