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The gTLD Registry Chairman is Jeffrey J. Neuman, e-mail: Jeff.Neuman@NeuLevel.biz. He was elected in November 2001 and re-elected in November 2002 (Term ends December 2003).

On 14 Dec 2002 the DNSO has been replaced by the GNSO. The last DNSO gTLD Constituency page.

Former Names Council Representation:

Root servers.

The list of 13 current root servers

The map of 13 current root servers

IAB Technical Comment on the Unique DNS Root

Domain names registration.

Generic TLDs - gTLDs, each with its charter for registration

Restricted generic TLDs - gTLDs

  • The .gov domain http://www.nic.gov is reserved exclusively for the United States Government.

  • The .mil domain http://www.nic.mil is reserved exclusively for the United States Military.

  • The .edu domain http://www.nsi.com is registered only through Network Solutions.

  • The .int domain http://www.iana.org/int.html is used only for registering organizations established by international treaties between governments or Internet infrastructure databases (for example to do address to name lookups based on NSAPs). If you believe you meet these qualifications and want to apply for a domain name under .int, please send the IANA a description of your organization including a reference to the treaty that established it or click http://www.iana.org/int-reg.html for the online application. Please note that the online application must be supplemented with a reference to the treaty which established it.

Country code TLDs - ccTLDs

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