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The ccNSO - Country Code Names Supporting Organization is in the process of formation.

The ccTLD Registries remember Peter de Blanc, cf. http://www.dnso.org/inmemoriam.

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ccTLD Position Documents on ICANN Reform, June 2002

ccTLD Position Documents on IANA function deterioration, September 2002

ccTLD communiques and documents on ccSO, since Jun 2001

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Domain names registration.

Please note that ccTLD's policies vary. The list of URLs above is intended to help you to find the following information:

  1. in which country a ccTLD registry is located
  2. in which country a ccTLD registry is incorporated (if private company)
  3. under which country law a ccTLD registry operates
  4. charter of a ccTLD registry
  5. liability of a ccTLD registry
  6. technical capability of a ccTLD registry

IANA Function mandate - Purchase Order from the US Government.

IANA Function performed by ICANN.

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