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[council] ASO elect ICANN Board Director for 2002 - Mouhamet Diop

FYI (thanks to Alexander Svensson for bringing this news).

My question is: 
   When the ICANN Reform is going to be implemented ?

   a. If in 2003, then the DNSO shall start to elect the ICANN
      Board Director to replace Alejandro Pisanty. 
      See for last year procedures and calendar at

      Last year the call for nominations was sent out on 17 July:
      According to the ICANN Bylaws the NC must elect a new Director 
      no later than 16 September.

   b. If in 2002, then the DNSO renamed GNSO will have only
      2 Directors, Abril i Abril and Cohen. And there is no
      election this year.


Date: Tue, 16 Jul 2002 22:51:20 +0200
To: DNSO General Assembly <ga@dnso.org>
From: Alexander Svensson <alexander@svensson.de>
Subject: [ga] Mouhamet Diop to the ICANN Board

According to a message on the AfrICANN list,
the ASO has just chosen Mouhamet Diop as ASO
member on the ICANN Board.

If this is correct, the incumbent, Rob Blokzijl,
has not been re-elected.

Best regards,
/// Alexander
Nominees from the regions of Asia/Australia/Pacific and North 
America were not eligible for the 2002 election.

The list of eligibles:
     Raimundo Beca          Chile
     Robert Blokzijl        The Netherlands
     Mouhamet Diop          Senegal
     Allan Andrew Dow       United Kingdom
     Arduino Paniccia       Italy
     Francesco Ravanelli    Italy
     Fred Searle            United Kingdom


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