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RE: [council] Interim NC recommendations on ICANN evolution

> One thought on the Independent Review Panel (Rec #16): I like the 
> idea to include an ombudsman with the Panel.  However, I'm not sure 
> if ex officio members are the way to go.  An alternative may be to 
> use the list of persons in the current draft as a nominating 
> committee for the review panel.

I am OK with that recommendation.

One of the challenges is that individuals nominated for various functions
often reach the state of overload, as most of these activities are done in
the individual's private time.
The workload of individuals to effectively chair such groups as IAB or GAC,
often leaves them with little time for a task such as the independent review
panel.  I can see the benefit of a nominating committee choosing people that
are seen as independent AND have sufficient time available to perform the
task properly.

Bruce Tonkin

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