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[council] UDRP Review Task Force Chairs

At your suggestion the NC discussed the chairmanship of the UDRP task force at its meeting yesterday. Milton like you will be stepping down soon as a constituency representative, and like you he volunteered to continue with the initial phase work of the TF.
The NC agreed that changing leadership just at this critical time would be impractical and lose us time. Instead the NC agreed that we would very much like you and Milton to remain as co-chairs until completion of the current phase of activities which we understand involve the delegation of responsibilities and the sending out of surveys. Once that is done we ask you to inform the NC and to organise elections within the UDRP for a new chair or co-chairs as the TF deems fit.
The wording of the resolution passed by the NC is: "That the NC allows the current UDRP Chairs to remain in position until such time as the surveys have been sent to the Task Force members for evaluation".

Philip Sheppard
NC Chair

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