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RE: [council] UDRP Review Task Force Chairs

In the interests of continuity and expediency, I would like to see
Caroline and Milton stay on and finish this phase.

Peter de Blanc

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Subject: [council] UDRP Review Task Force Chairs

As you may not be aware, Milton and I will be leaving the NC after the
February call. (I will give you a minute to wipe the tears from your
eyes (heehee)).  We are the co-chairs for the UDRP Review and according
to the NC rules, only NC members can be chairs.  The UDRP Review Task
Force will not be done with its work prior to Milton and I having to
leave.  We thus have the following options as far as I can see:

(1) We can make an exception to our rules that would allow us to
continue on until our work is completed (we would only stay on for the
review and evaluation and not the implementation phase),

(2) Milton and I can have one of our successors take our spot, or

(3) The NC could elect new chairs.

This issue will need to be dealt with by or before the next call.  If
there are other options you can think of, please let us know.  If not, I
suggest people email the list with their preferences so we can see if we
can handle this offline so we are ready for any sort of voting we may
need at the Feb call. 

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