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RE: [council] NC Chair Election

Just to clarify my position, it's hard for me to separate the
procedural issue from the available alternatives for NC chair.
If there is a candidate for chair who is equal to or better than Philip
waiting in the wings there would be no need to amend the rules.
If there is not, then I may favor amending the rules. I would
be concerned about failing to amend the rules and then being
confronted with a Hobson's choice - e.g., only one person 
willing to run for chair who may from our constituency's
perspective be less acceptable. 

>>> "Cochetti, Roger" <RCochetti@verisign.com> 01/31/02 07:00AM >>>
The issue is not
Philip individually, it is that we have rules and under them the Business
Constituency has chaired the Council for its due time.  So it's time to
rotate.  To change the rules at the last minute to let the BC chair for an
additional period is not only not fair, it does not look fair to the rest of
the world.

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