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Re: [council] Proposed Amendment to the ICANN Bylaws on Director Term Alignment

Re: Proposed Revision to Bylaws: Alignment of Directors' Terms

As the follow up to the today meeting, I oppose the Proposed 
Revision to Bylaws: Alignment of Directors' Terms.

Rationale: the ICANN process is already very time consuming, 
and not efficient. Adding the moving end of Directors' Terms 
will increase to the complexity and make this organization 
even more difficult to comprehend. 

The are years, as 2002, when there is 3 ICANN meetings, and 
in January neither the date nor the place of the last one are 
known (I am not criticizing, but reporting reality facts). 
It will have impact on the date when the Supporting Organizations 
will held election for ICANN Board. As an immediate outcome 
the moving end will raise unnecessary and time consuming bureaucracy
each year on interpretation of procedures.
Which eventually will transform ICANN to an useless body not having 
any spare time to determine policy matters related to the Internet.

I propose the Bylaws be modified with regard to all SO's directors.
I suggest to fit the beginning of mandates with the calendar year, 
and keep the SO's elections terminating by the end of September.
Such system could give time - three months - to learn the Corporations
responsabilities for newly elected ICANN Directors.
The immense advantage is that multilingual and multicultural world
can easily understand it.


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