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RE: [council] Suggestion re .org TF report

Milton, I need more information about "let's not go there".  

When companies do a merger, they will need to transfer names.  Grandfathered
names will be included in that.    Personally, having read the newspapers
recently, I might suspect that companies holding famous and well known
brands are engaged in mergers and acquisitions...they often hold a few
.orgs.  They will/may expect to transfer them to the new entity. 

I didn't understand the "let's not go there" comment and need clarification.

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Yes, Marilyn, the problem of transferring authority over a 
name during a merger - or those who choose to sell it, which 
happens for perfecty legitimate reasons all the time — are
but two of the reasons why "restrictions with 
grandfathering" raises a hornet's nest of problems.
Let's not go there.  

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Cary, Grant is traveling and may not have seen this. I will communicate with
him on the BC input, but wanted to provide a short note to the TF on this
issue in the event he isn't online.

I believe that grandfathered names would have to be transferred in the event
of mergers, takeovers, etc. since the website would probably transfer to the
new entity.

I will ask for some feedback from within the BC and will consult with Grant
re BC input.

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