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Re: [council] Suggestion re .org TF report

I would strongly agree here !

there has to be provisions to insure that in the event of mergers or
acquisitions, the survivor or acquiring entity  has the right to transfer
ownership rights in the service contract to themselves with the assurance
that  the character of the domain does not change (I.e. retention of
"grandfather rights").

it would seem to me that there are adequate precedents in law to help mold
policies & guidelines to cover this situation..

ken stubbs

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Sent: Tuesday, December 18, 2001 7:41 PM
Subject: RE: [council] Suggestion re .org TF report

Milton, I need more information about "let's not go there".

When companies do a merger, they will need to transfer names.  Grandfathered
names will be included in that.    Personally, having read the newspapers
recently, I might suspect that companies holding famous and well known
brands are engaged in mergers and acquisitions...they often hold a few
.orgs.  They will/may expect to transfer them to the new entity.

I didn't understand the "let's not go there" comment and need clarification.

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Subject: RE: [council] Suggestion re .org TF report

Yes, Marilyn, the problem of transferring authority over a
name during a merger - or those who choose to sell it, which
happens for perfecty legitimate reasons all the time  are
but two of the reasons why "restrictions with
grandfathering" raises a hornet's nest of problems.
Let's not go there.

>>> "Cade,Marilyn S - LGA" <mcade@att.com> 12/18/01 07:25AM >>>
Cary, Grant is traveling and may not have seen this. I will communicate with
him on the BC input, but wanted to provide a short note to the TF on this
issue in the event he isn't online.

I believe that grandfathered names would have to be transferred in the event
of mergers, takeovers, etc. since the website would probably transfer to the
new entity.

I will ask for some feedback from within the BC and will consult with Grant
re BC input.

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