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[council] Re: [nc-org] Registrars and restrictions on org marketing


>>> Cary Karp <ck@nic.museum> 12/18/01 01:23PM >>>
There would have to be some clearly stated basis for the resolution
of such disputes. Why couldn't that be applied directly at the
point of registration?

MM ===> 
To someone with an economic perspective, the answer is 
obvious, and the difference is huge. In a dispute, there are 
filings of facts about specific points of contention. A dispute 
never happens unless the case is so egregious that someone 
cares enough to initiate one. (In .com, with all its openness, 
less than one quarter of one percent of all names are disputed).

If the standard is applied directly at the point of 
registration, then EVERY single registration must contain
enough factual information to make a decision, EVERY
registration must be pre-reviewed and hence non-automated.
Even if that is possible, it is highly undesirable. 

> What is the traditional sponsored model?

Dot edu, dot mil, etc...
Advance restrictions enforced at the point of registration.
We have foresworn that option.

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