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Re: [council] Independent Review NomCom Appointments - REQUEST FOR ACTION


The nominating committee nominates a panel of nine IRP members.  That
panel is then subject to confirmation by the ICANN Board.  For the
initial panel, terms on the IRP are staggered at 4 years (3 members), 3
years (3 members) and 2 years (3 members).  The nominating committee is
a standing committee, but is only convened only upon notification from
the ICANN Board that a vacancy exists on the IRP.  Unless an unexpected
vacancy occurs, this should not happen for two years after the initial

I hope the above clarifies matters.  My apologies if there was any
confusion about this topic.

Best regards,

Louis Touton

"Chicoine, Caroline G." wrote:
> Fine with me.
> However, I am confused since I thought Louis said that this was a temporary
> assignment along the lines of six months since once they nominate the Panel,
> their job is done.  Why do they need such long terms?
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> From: Philip Sheppard [mailto:philip.sheppard@aim.be]
> Sent: Friday, February 02, 2001 3:01 AM
> To: DNSO Council (Public archive)
> Subject: [council] Independent Review NomCom Appointments - REQUEST FOR
> Council,
> you will recall that we agreed to appoint Scott Hemphill (US) and Olivier
> Iteanu (France) to the nomination committee for the independent review
> panel. Apparently to ensure continuity the committee has initial terms of
> office of different length and we must appoint a three year and a two year
> term. Scott Hemphill has indicated he is willing to serve three years and I
> propose that we appoint him to the three year term and Olivier Iteanu to the
> two year term.
> Please let me have your approval or comments on this latest midnight in your
> time zone Monday 5 February 2001.
> If there is no disagreement I will inform ICANN of this decision. If there
> is disagreement we will discuss it at a February telephone meeting but I
> would prefer to not return to this item if possible.
> Philip.

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