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Re: [council] note regarding departure

I dont know the details but if Kathy can no longer participate in this process
we are all losing a most valuable resource and ..a friend
Jonathan Cohen

Erica Roberts wrote:

> At the next meeting I would propose an agenda item formally thanking Kathy
> for her contribution and passing on our best wishes for her future.
> Kathy will be missed.
> erica
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> Subject: [council] note regarding departure
> To the Names Council:
> For reasons of health and family, I have resigned from the Noncommercial
> Constituency's leadership.  Accordingly, I will no longer have the honor to
> serve with you on the Names Council.  The Noncommercial Constituency will be
> arranging my replacement.
> I wanted to send my regards, and hope that our paths will cross as
> individuals again soon.
> Best wishes,
> Kathy Kleiman

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