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RE: [council] proposed teleconference schedule for the next 3 months

All three days are fine with me.

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From: Ken Stubbs [mailto:kstubbs@corenic.org]
Sent: Sunday, July 30, 2000 5:31 AM
To: names council
Subject: [council] proposed teleconference schedule for the next 3 months

in addition to the proposed voting conferences,  i believe, based on our
discussions, that it would be a good time to set the dates for the next 3
conferences so here are the dates i am proposing.
thursday august 17th
thursday september  21st
thursday october 19th
as to the times... we will rotate the times on the next 3 conferences to try
to get global accomodation.
i have not had any response on "non-christian" holidays from anyone and hope
that there is no conflict here. with respect to the "european august
phenomena", all i can suggest is that  anyone on holiday who cannot make the
calls please give your proxy to another council member.
i will not finalize this [proposed schedule until thursday awaiting 
your comments please

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