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RE: [council] Intake Committee


August 14th is fine for me as well.

Regarding Committees, as noted, I'm on the budget committee, and will
volunteer for the dnso review.

If needed, I'm happy to be point of contact with the Outreach, unless we
hear from Katoh, Philip, that they will do it.


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> Sent: Monday, July 17, 2000 5:37 PM
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> Subject: [council] Intake Committee
> (Elisabeth, pleas make sure Roberto gets a copy of this email
> since he is
> on the Intake committee)
> In order to get the ball rolling and as part of the new
> Intake Committee, I
> have reviewed the notes from the NC meeting in Yokohama and
> have taken the
> liberty of drafting the following proposed agenda items which were
> generated from it in preparation for our mid August meeting.
> 1.   A definite date of the next teleconference must b e
> decided no later
> than two weeks before the meeting (Please give Ken your
> availability for
> the week of August 14th).  Also, Ken, please propose a schedule of
> teleconferences for the rest of the year so we can vote on it
> at the next
> teleconference.  While keeping the date consistent (for
> example the second
> Wednesday of each month)is probably desired, the time should
> be alternated
> to make it convenient (or inconvenient as the case may be)
> for everyone on
> a fairly equal basis.  Also keep ion mind our  report on DNSO
> review is
> expected by the Board no later than n Oct 13th, so a
> conference call to
> approve whatever report is generated should be before this date.
> 2.   Initiation of DNSO review
> Each Constituency no later than July 25th must submit the
> name of one of
> its representatives to be on the Task Force assigned to coordinate our
> response to this review.  (The IPC submits Axel).  No later
> than August
> 7th, the Task Force must submit a proposal to the NC with
> specifics tasks
> and schedule for complying with the ICANN board's request for
> such a review
> which will be voted on at the next teleconference.  (Reminder Oct 13th
> deadline)
> 3.   Budget Committee
> (Swinehart, Porteneuve, Cochetti, Roberts, Schneider)
> Met Sunday afternoon in Yokohama
> No later than August 7th, this committee shall submit a report of its
> findings to NC for discussion/vote at August teleconference.
> 4.   Outreach Task Force
> Each Constituency no later than July 25th must submit the
> name of one of
> its representatives to be on this Task Force (The IPC submits
> Guillermo).
> No later than August 7th, this Task Force shall submit a
> report outlining
> its structure/schedule for enhancing outreach efforts with a
> particular
> emphasis toward dissemination of information regarding the
> roll out of new
> TLDs.
> 5.   DNSO Board election
> Please find a link to the election procedures of the former election
> http://www.dnso.icann.org/dnso/notes/19990915.NCtelecon-minutes.html
> As you will note, the nominations period lasted for three weeks (which
> would take us to August 10th with a July 20th opening of nominations).
> Ken, please work with Elisabeth to finalize the procedure for
> posting with
> the call for nominations and keeping in mind that with such a
> schedule, the
> vote could take place at our next teleconference call.
> 6.   Intake Committee (Chicoine, Schneider, Park,Sheppard,
> Kane, Gaetano)
> This committee has been set up to review the process for
> running the NC
> meetings. I propose one of the first documents we prepare in
> anticipation
> of the next teleconference is the rules regarding running a
> meeting (i.e.,
> how agenda items are created, timeframes, getting input from
> GA, etc.).
> This committee shall submit a proposal no later than August 7th for
> discussion/vote at next teleconference meeting.

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