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[council] Outreach Task Force

Reminder today is the deadline for submitting names for the various task
forces mentioned in my earlier email.  Ken can you take the lead as Chair
and  email the list of people that have responded for what task force to us
so you can promptly identify who you need to follow up with.  Also, as soon
as the list is finalized, I suggest it is up for the individual members to
work via email to produce the reports for the next teleconference.
However, Ken, please confirm the next steps to be taken.  If we are going
to have a teleconference in mid-August, Ken can you please follow up and
let us know based on the responses to date when it will be, since reports
are due no later than one week before the teleconference.

I do not think I am speaking out of turn to say that rightly or wrongly we
lost some credibility at the Yokohama meeting (Again, we need to be worried
about both perception and reality, and in my book perception is reality).
Therefore, I think we need to come through on the items that resulted from
that meeting, and we cannot have the burden fall on only a few people or in
a manner that does not allow us to have a reasonable time for thoughtful
discussion and that minimizes things springing up at the last minute before
a teleconference.


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I will participate in the Outreach Task Force for the ISPCP


Tony Harris

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