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[council] Agenda of Names Council(version 1.2)

Dear Council,

Thanks for your responses and comments.
I would like to happy to modify NC's revised agenda
based upon the replies for two days.

Except the Item 4, members didn't have any serious controversy
regarding the proposed agenda. As Ken expressed his concern
in equitable and fair procedure among all constituancies in his
early message, I tried to accommodate his concern and to 
incorporate all those differences among constituencies as much as 

Since we don't have enough time to waver on our meeting agenda,
I would like to propose pinning down the agenda as follows.

Taking advatage of this, I would like to ask DNSO secretariat
to post this draft agenda to the relevant groups' mailing list
to enhance their understanding on the coming NC meeting
and also ask ICANN staff to come up with the report on
"New Top Level Domains: The selection process" to facilitate
more discussion in the meeting.

FYI, I have summarized responses so far.
(I) Roger:
DNSO Resources discussion under either Self-Reflection or Budget
(II) Theresa:
Volunteered for WG-C/NC Relation and canceled.
(III) Philip:
Discussion by NC of the WG C six principles under Item #3
Berkman concept of an intake committee under Self-Reflection
(IV) Caroline: 
NC Chair election
(V) Ken
Self-nominate for the NC Chair
DNSO Board Election
(VI) Kathy
WG-C/NC relations should be discussed.

                         Draft Agenda
Place: Main Hall at Yokohama Pacifico Hotel
Date: July 14, Friday 1300 - 1700
1. Roll Call

2. Agenda update

3. New Top Level Domains: The selection process 
    Report by ICANN Staff and Discussion
    Discussion on WG C six principles(Philip)
    1310 - 1410

4."NC's Self Reflection"(Ken)
    - Functions and Responsibilities(Theresa)
    - Relations with other relevant groups within the ICANN(YJ)
    - Berkman's Procedural Rulesintake committee(Philip)
    - Future Roles
   1410 - 1510

5. The next NC Chair(Caroline)
    Self-nominate for the NC Chair
    DNSO Board Election
    1510 - 1520

6. WG-E's Final Report(YJ)
    New Working Group Formation Proposal Review
    1520 - 1540

7. Budget Issues.
    - Report from DNSO Secretariat
    - DNSO Resources(Roger)
    1540 - 1630

8. Developing Coutries' perspective(YJ)
    1630 - 1650

9. AOB
                           [End of Message]

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