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Re: [council] Please make comments on

I think that the most appropriate person to introduce NC agenda item #4 is YJ 
Park.  What we are talking about here is a concern about the way the Names 
Council handled the WG-C report.  If we are to be open and transparent, and 
follow the spirit of the item that YJ has introduced, we need to be allow the 
concerns to be brought out at the opening of the item -- and to open and 
frame the discussion.

Theresa, with all respect, you were the person who drafted the resolution in 
question. I think that the concerns about the procedure, while not directed 
at you personally, merit your consideration and review.  The concerns must be 
framed and presented by someone else.

 The opening presentation should be by those in the Noncommercial 
Constituency who feel most alienated by the work of the NC.  It is YJ who 
should frame and present the item in question, and the WG-D and others who 
should respond.  Any other order is backwards.....

 > # 4: I am a little confused about the scope, and large amount of time
 > allotted to this topic. I think that this is something that may be better
 > addressed by a Task Force. I volunteer to come to the NC meeting in
 > with a proposal outlining this suggestion. I know it's an issue that
 > Group D has also been made aware of.
 Thank you for your volunteer.
 However, if we can make a time slot for those who want to appeal against
 NC's recommendation to the ICANN Board, it would be more reasonable.

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