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Re: [council] Procedures

i will ibe happy to include that item as well caroline.

in response to your comments, i want you to know that i would be happy to
continue for another stint if the council wishes me to.

i have tried in earnest to keep this moving forward and be as equitable and
fair as possible towards all constituancies. we have accomplished a
significant amount in the last few months but have alot more work ahead of

i am willing to make the committment to insure that the momentum continue.

ken stubbs
p.s. one other agenda item we must face is the election to fill the 1 year
board tenure which expires relatively soon

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> Ken, we also need to add :NC Chair: to the agenda.  As you recall, the
> temporary chair position is supposed to expire after Yokohama.  Given he
> time commitment involved, I am leaning toward a rotation to distribute
> burden.  We need to be m ore proactive and while we are all volunteers,
> some one has to be on the hot seat each month.  Just my thoughts.
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