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Re: [council] Draft final report of WG-E Global Awareness and Outreach for pu...

Dear Ken,

Thank you for your explanation.

> to that end i personally feel that it would be best to concentrate on
> the yokahama meeting as effective and am very interested in encouraging
> active discussions in yokahama around the areas of global outreach and our
> ongoing  budget issues.

Can I interpret NC doesn't need any teleconference
before Yokohama to have more effective discussion
in Yokohama recharging ourselves?:-)

I myself also have two more trips before Yokohama.
However, I think this pre-meeting would be very valuable
for many NC members despite our busy schedules.

Looking forawrd to seeing you in Yokohama, too
I hope we can pin down the schedule for this asap.

Seeking your understandings from NC members.....



Candidate Dates can be
I. June 29 Thursday any other choice for this week?
II. July 6 Thursday any other choice for this week?

According to your comments and inputs from others,
some changes have been made.
                                Draft Agenda
1. Roll Call

2. Agenda update

3.The relations between WGs and Names Council
    based upon responses from WG-C.

    Many(Some ?) Working Group C participants have expressed
    NC reversed their own consensus which we didn't intend to.
    The clarification is needed for the further working group's works
    in this DNSO/ICANN process.

4. New Top Level Domains

    According to April 18/19's NC's recommendation NC asked
    the ICANN staff to invite expressions of interest from parties
    seeking to operate any new gTLD registry.

    However, the selection process is not clear enough in the ICANN
    staff's document(http://www.icann.org/yokohama/new-tld-topic.htm#III
    posted June 13) If my understanding is not correct,
    please inform me of it.

    Any recommendation from Names Council regarding this matter?

5. Budget Issues.

6. New Working Group Formation Proposal Review

7. AOB
                           [End of Message]

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