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[council] status report as of June 7 : yokohama meeting

NC and GA Chairs,
(also sent to liaison7c@dnso.org)

According to the status report sent on June 7 and responses to it, 
local host has fixed the schedule related to ICANN Yokohama DNSO.

Attached please find the schedule. The room size is subject to 
change while considering the meeting's requirement. 

All the Constituency meeting rooms will be equipped with microphone 
and tape-recorder. The cost will be covered by the local host.

Equipment requirement other than microphone and tape-recorder has 
been received from only gTLD Constituency, which has requested a 
beam projector and a screen (US$600-700).

If you wish further change, please notify me ASAP. The local host
would consider whether your request would be acceptable.



Wednesday, 12 July @Yokohama Grand Intercontinental
   0900-1900 ccTLD Const  215 (the number is the room size)

Thursday, 13 July @Yokohama Pacifico
   0900-1800 ccTLD        215
   1300-1800 Registrars   340
   1400-1730 business      60
   1300-1800 IP            60
   1300-1800 ISP           54
   1300-1800 NCDNH         54
   1800-2000 Const-secretaries meeting  54
 FYI: meetings not directly related to DNSO
   0900-1200 ICANN beginners workshop (under negotiation)
   0900-1700 GAC

Friday, 14 July @Yokohama Pacifico
   0700-0900 ccTLD (optional) 340
   0700-0900 WG-E          54
   0900-1200 GA          1002(main hall) web-cast!
   1300-1700 NC          1002(main hall)) web-cast!
 FYI: meetings not directly related to DNSO  
   1400-1600 ASO           54
   1700-1800 GAC communique 1002(main hall)

Saturday, 15 July @Yokohama Pacifico
   0830-1800 ICANN Public Forum 1002(main hall)
   1900-2030 Evening Reception

Sunday, 16 July @Yokohama Pacifico
   0900-1300 ICANN Board  1002(main hall)

Monday, 17 July 2000 @Yokohama Pacifico
   1300-1400 gTLD           54

Hirofumi Hotta
R&D Strategy, NTT

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