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[council] Re: [FYI] MINC has been launched in Seoul on June 12.

To avoid miscommunication, the status of confirmation is as follows;

 [Appendix 2] : Interim Board of MINC
 Sang Hyon Kyong  shkyong@kgsm.kaist.ac.kr  KAIST/KRNIC
 Hualin Qian hlqian@cnnic.net.cn  CNNIC(Confirmation delayed)
 Erik Nordmark nordmark@eng.sun.com   IETF(Confirmation to be made)
 S. Goto goto@goto.info.waseda.ac.jp  JPNIC
 YJ Park yjpark@aptld.org  DNSO Names Council
 Tom Newell  tomn@netsol.com  NSI
 Kenny Huang  huangk@alum.sinica.edu  TWNIC
 David Conrad  drc@nominum.com  Nominum/ISC



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