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RE: [council] Post-election steps

I agree with this approach if Elisabeth is game

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Based on Andrew's input tomorrow, we need to confirm the elections,
and notify the ICANN board by next Tuesday the 26th.  I do not think
means we cannot conduct an audit and review of the process, but
we cannot wait until the audit is complete.

I will be submitting a proposal that we both confirm the election
and submit them to the ICANN board.  Perhaps we could use the
Votebot system one more time, for the purposes of validating this
proposal - Elisabeth, one more round?  Does any one have any objections
or alternative proposals?


Andrew McLaughlin wrote:

> [ 3.  How does the delay in results affect your timeline below?
> [ Are we now the "non provisional Names Council?"  Obviously we
> [ want to do step 2 and 3 on the next teleconference, but we don't
> [ enough time to announce one for this week I fear.  We discussed
> [ next week, around the 27th, would this be too late?
> As of yesterday (see my next email), the NC has been given full
recognition by the ICANN Board, so you can take the confirming vote at
any time.
> Yes, the 27th is too late.  The absolute, drop-dead deadline for
confirmation and notification is the 26th.  I see no reason why the NC
could not conduct its confirmation vote by email.
> --Andrew

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