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[council] Draft for recapitalation of the NC vote


This is a draft recapitulating in 12 items all the vote.
The last item need to be decided by you.
It includes Richard's proposal for notification to ICANN
and the opening of full records.



        Vote of the Names Council to elect three ICANN Board members

  I. On September 17th, 18:00 CET (local time in other places), the Names
     Council sent a Call for Nominations for the election of ICANN Board
     Members and published it simultaneously in the DNSO website
     The Call for Nomination was open during three weeks, closed on October
     8th, 18:00 CET (local time in other places).

 II. On September 15th,
     http://www.dnso.org/dnso/notes/19990915.NCtelecon-minutes.html, the
     Names Council resolved that the DNSO secretariat is in charge of
     elections and will announce results. The DNSO secretariat will keep
     votes secret untill the end of election period, and at the end make all
     records public.

III. On September 23rd,
     http://www.dnso.org/dnso/notes/19990923.NCtelecon-minutes.html, the
     Names Council resolved to use a Convention-Style voting procedure to
     elect three ICANN Board members.

 IV. On September 26th, the election mecanism to be used by the Names
     Council to elect the ICANN Board members was published in the DNSO
     website http://www.dnso.org/dnso/notes/NCelection.html.

  V. On October 8th, 18:00 CET the Call for Nomination was closed. Fourteen
     (14) nominees get the support from at least ten (10) different persons
     and sent the acceptance of the nomination. The full record of
     nomination process was published on the DNSO website

 VI. On October 9th, 18:00 CET the vote started.

VII. On October 12th, 17:45 CET the secretariat announced that Alejandro
     Pisanty was elected for 3 years term at the ICANN Board.

VIII.On October 13th, 18:05 CET the secretariat announced that Amadeu Abril
     i Abril was elected for 2 years term at the ICANN Board.

 IX. On October 15th, at approx 16:15 CET in the DNSO selection process for
     the 1-year ICANN Board seat, a technical glitch was discovered before
     the process was completed. The Names Council immediately stopped the
     process, thoroughly investigated the issue, corrected the glitch and
     then continued the process on Monday, October 18th.

  X. On October 18th, 15:00 CET the NC telecon voted a motion
     http://www.dnso.org/dnso/notes/19991018.NCtelecon-minutes.html, on how
     to resume the vote. The Names Council members were requested to confirm
     that their ballot b08 as cast was true and correct. It was expected
     that eighteen (18) members will confirm true and correct ballots, and
     the nighteenth will state that his vote is not true and not correct,
     and provide the correction.

     On October 18th, 22:30 CET all answers arrived, the results of
     corrected ballot b08 were calculated and announced, and the vote

 XI. On October 19th, 18:05 CET the secretariat announced that Jonathan
     Cohen was elected for 1 year term at the ICANN Board.

XII. On October XXth TBD, the Names Council notified the current ICANN Board
     of the results of selection for the ICANN Board

     On October XXth TBD the secretariat made public the full record of

        * Who voted for whom in the NC selection for ICANN Board
        * Full record of votes in the NC selection for ICANN Board