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Re: [council] Draft Statement

>Statement to be published after the re-count of the first round votes in 
>the Names Council election of the third (one year term) ICANN Board 
>During the Names Council election for the third ICANN Board member, a 
>member of the Names Council requested that the first round of votes be 
>reviewed to determine whether the votes cast had been truly and 
>correctly recorded.  The Names Council reviewed the situation, and 
>decided to ask the DNSO Secretariat to verify the votes with each Names 
>Council member.  As a result of this verification process, one of the 
>Names Council members confirmed that the vote they had cast had NOT 
>been truly and correctly recorded, and identified their correct vote.
>The correct result for round one of the election of the third ICANN Board 
>member is as follows:
>The Names Council

It's fine for me.

Raul Echeberria