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[council] Draft Statement


Here is my (rushed) attempt to draft a simple statement for release 
with the verified round one vote.  We already know from our 
teleconference that one vote was not truly and correctly recorded - 
and I am assuming that all other votes will be verified as correct.


Statement to be published after the re-count of the first round votes in 
the Names Council election of the third (one year term) ICANN Board 

During the Names Council election for the third ICANN Board member, a 
member of the Names Council requested that the first round of votes be 
reviewed to determine whether the votes cast had been truly and 
correctly recorded.  The Names Council reviewed the situation, and 
decided to ask the DNSO Secretariat to verify the votes with each Names 
Council member.  As a result of this verification process, one of the 
Names Council members confirmed that the vote they had cast had NOT 
been truly and correctly recorded, and identified their correct vote.

The correct result for round one of the election of the third ICANN Board 
member is as follows:

The Names Council
Dennis M. Jennings
E-mail:  Dennis.Jennings@ucd.ie
Mobile:     +353 (87) 220 8225
Telephone:  +353 (1) 495 1323
Fax:        +353 (1) 495 1324