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Re: [council] The Way Forward - Choices

Dennis and All,

I'm not a lawyer, so my opinion here is what I myself think 
is most reasonable.

My option is 2.
I think we should backtrack to the most recent point where 
process can be proven(shown) to be valid. This, I think, is 
"the end of voting in round 1" with correcting the vote which 
was miscounted.

Option 1 seems to be logically strange because it purges a 
round which can be validly counted. If validly countable 
round is purged, all the election so far should be purged....
which I cannot accept because of the waste of time end effort.

Thus, my second option is 3. Although some good faith vote 
would be discarded, this situation would be logically 


At 99/10/18 04:59, owner-council@dnso.org wrote:
> Colleagues, 
> In order to try and expedite our discussions tomorrow, let me outline the 
choices I believe we have.  There are three
> 1.  We can declare the third election void and re-run the third election 
> from the start.  This is what I recommended before.  This is consistent wi
th Andrew McLaughlin's advice.
> 2.  We can declare the first count a miscount - and redo the count for the 
> first round, declare the result and move on to round 2.  This is consisten
t with Andrew McLaughlin's advice.
> 3.  We can let the votes as published stand on the basis that the erroneous 
> vote was counted and that vote cannot now be changed.  This is NOT consist
ent with Andrew McLaughlin's advice.
> Thanks
> Dennis
Hirofumi Hotta
R&D Strategy Department, NTT