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Re: [council] The Way Forward

Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers
Personal Statement from Nigel Roberts, Names Council Member
EMBARGO: For Internal Names Council Use Only at this time
For discussion at the teleconfernence on Monday at 1500 CET

Subject: Process of Election of the DNSO Board Members.

As I have already indicated, I have experience in the matter of proper conduct of
elections -- as a trained Election Agent for UK General Elections, and also as a
former candidate for the UK House of  Commons.

The recent revelation of irregularities in the conduct of the elections have
prompted me to consider very carefully over the weekend the way in this election
has been conducted

I was on Sunday very surprised to be informed (by a telephone call I received
from a party /outside/ of the Names Council!!), that independent scrutiny of the
counting of votes had been requested but had not been implemented.

The question as to why this failure occurred needs to be addressed before we can

Furthermore, the use of a single, overburdened, secretary is not a reason for
failing to implement proper rules and procedures. We are selecting the board
members on
a multi-million dollar corporation here! We must not only proceed correctly, we
must be seen to proceed correctly.

Accordingly, while the earlier counts in this election may have been conducted
correctly -- it is clear that there is a serious failing of process and procedure
in the
way they were conducted which allows errors to happen,  and to go unnoticed, and
therefore has tainted the process.

I therefore propose the following:


1) that the election be restarted

2) before that can take place that an urgent and completely independent inquiry
take place conducted by experts in the field who are unconnected with the
with specific reference to the procedures used.

3) that in any event the vote of ratification of all three DNSO  Directors not
take place until the independent inquiry has reported and been considered by a
meeting of the Council either in person or by teleconference.

4) That the independent inquiry be requested to complete its work within 7 days.

To assist the Names Council get through this difficult period, our organisation
will be prepared to contribute a major proportion or all the cost of the
independent inquiry.