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Re: [council] The Way Forward - Choices

Like Richard, I favor option 2. E.g. the NC agrees that there was a
miscount in round 1 (ballot b08), we re-do the count and continue from
there on.

Option 1 would be second best, although if nobody else declares to have
mis-voted, or to have had his/her vote mis-counted, I would find it
hard to justify nullifying the whole round.


[">" = Dennis Jennings]
> Colleagues, 
> In order to try and expedite our discussions tomorrow, let me outline the choices I believe we have.  There are three
> 1.  We can declare the third election void and re-run the third election 
> from the start.  This is what I recommended before.  This is consistent with Andrew McLaughlin's advice.
> 2.  We can declare the first count a miscount - and redo the count for the 
> first round, declare the result and move on to round 2.  This is consistent with Andrew McLaughlin's advice.
> 3.  We can let the votes as published stand on the basis that the erroneous 
> vote was counted and that vote cannot now be changed.  This is NOT consistent with Andrew McLaughlin's advice.
> Thanks
> Dennis