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RE: [council] The Way Forward


Thanks for your note, and keeping this moving forward.

Can I put in a plea to the NC members that we really make an effort to
resolve this tomorrow and finish tomorrow. I think the longer this drags on
the less credible the NC becomes.

We have all had the weekend to think about whatever it is we don't agree
with - I think we should be in a position to discuss, resolve, and begin and
finish the voting tomorrow.

I don't see the need for any drawn out and extended discussions - the issues
are clear; addressing concerns should be straight forward; and we should
compromise if needed, or otherwise agree on, the next step. This is the
third round, it's not as if we're reorganizing the entire election process
or discussing something completely unknown - we need to figure out how to
move forward and have a fair election for the third candidate.


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We clearly do not have a consensus on how to move forward in the third
election.  Some of you agreed with my proposal, some certainly didn't.
 Most of the comments I received suggested that we must make the decision

So, let's discuss tomorrow on the teleconference.

It is unlikely, I fear, that we will resolve this issue tomorrow, and
re-start the voting.  If so, this means the voting will restart on Tuesday
- exactly how will depend on what we decide tomorrow.