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Re: [council] Methodology

I agree with Javier's premises, but not his conclusions.  ALL proposals 
should be made before the meeting.  Any new proposals should be given 
adequate time to circulate -- of at least a few business day after the 
meeting.  The more I learn about this push for Internet time, the more I 
believe it is an excuse for making sure that key people are not involved in 
important decisions.

Kathy Kleiman

>  but some members of the council feel free to make proposals during the 
>  teleconferneces, and expect to have them discussed on the spot. I find 
>  extremelly unpolite, it is a waste of time and money for the council to 
>  have to discuss online things that should be discussed by e-mail.
>  If they do not have the time to propose things by e-mail (as we have 
>  to), they should at least stay quiet during the teleconferences.
>  Also, those who do not attend the meetings should at least respect the 
>  decisions of the other people who have actually attended the meeting and 
>  done the work. Complaining afterwards is of very bad taste. It is much 
>  worst if you actually attended the meeting and did not say anything at 
>  time.