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Re: [council] Elections - Open Issues

At 06:29 AM 27/09/1999 +0200, Amadeu Abril i Abril wrote:
>Raul Echeberria wrote:
>> At 01:13 AM 26/09/1999 +0200, Amadeu Abril i Abril wrote:
>> >Hi all,
>> >
>> >As we are approaching the dealine for commenting the elections
>> >proposal, I would like lsiting the remaining open issuses (IMHO).
>> RE - Sorry, but what was the deadline to make comments about the comments
>> sent just before the deadline ?
>We all agreed to solve the issues relating to the electoral process by
>last Friday. This is why we shceduled the teleconf for Thrusday.
>The we agreed that instead of having 24 hurs for comments, as
>previously agreed, we could extend that to Sunday.

RE - Sorry, but I see in your mail's heather that you sent it last
Saturday, but I received it on sunday and replayed it on sunday too.
And I believe that is not fair don't consider opinions from people who has
been participating in this discussion.

>> >B) Role of the multiple vote round.
>> >
>> >This is why no director should be elected thru the first, multiple
>> >vote round. Disagreements?
>> RE - Yes, I disagree.
>This is not enough, Raul. Try to explain how can you elect one
>candidate with each member csting three votes (becasue I think you
>support multiple votes at lest in the first round). I gave some
>expamples about why this is impractical, but you could prove it is wrong.

I really believe that not elect people in this first round is very
You first see, and after that you real vote.
It allow regional or sectorial blocking. If we can elect people in the
first round, at least nobody can block at that time.

It's my opinion. 
If somebody (one or more) get more than or ten votes, they could be
elected. An exception is a case where there is a tie among four or more
candidates. It is very difficult to happen.

Let me summarize: (and let me win at least ONE ,Amadeu)

1) I'd like to elect candidates in the first round. 
2) Three votes in the first round, two in the second and one in each round
after that.
2) No teleconference voting
3) use chat or mail instead of teleconference.
4) If we can not elect people from trhree regions, we would have two round
of election only with candidates who have been nominated from the regions
which don't have candidates just elected. One vote each NC member.

I supported the Javier proposal when he did it.
I don't like this system. It's very complex and speculative but at least
I'm trying to improve it. 

Raul Echeberria