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[council] Chairs


Stilltwo lessons form Santiago: NC Chair needs to prepare the meeting
well in advnce. And being alione as GA Chair is a curel experience.

I have tried many times that we abide with our duty to elect a GA
Chair. I acknowkledge that ti would better be done by the new
"permanent" NC, not by us.

But we still have some duties regarding the next meeting in LA.
Isubmit that we elect "two· GA chairs for that meeting ("three") in
case we finally hold a day-long GA).

Being up there completly alone trying to catch up with the agneda, the
procedures tryuing to keep track of who asked to speak next... This is
really exchausting after some hours. Past experiences in
DNSO.preparatory meetigs showed that sharing the duties among two
differnt persons (one more foucsed on the agenda and the substantive
discussion; the other more focused on the public interventions) realy
helps. If the GA should last for one whole day, two poeple rotating
out of three would be required.

But is also importnat that those chairing know the agenda well in
advbnace, the motions, have time to apsek to those making formal
presntations before the meeting. I mean that it is NOt a good idea to
leave all this decisions open until the GA begins.

Following also a non-written practice (within WGs) I would susgest
that we should try to elect a non-NC Chair and one co-chair form
within the NC. This will serve all purposes of coorination,
independence and whatever.

In case we need three co-chairs two of them could seve on two
consecutive meetings, in order to ensure increased efficiency, as the
incumbent chair will be in the beter position to develop a set or more
or les formal rules form experience.

I would like proposing the pNC that we aks Nii Quaynor to serve as GA
(principal) chair in LA too. Hi did a great job in Santiago. Then we
would need a volunteer form inside our group. And they should
immediatly start working with GA on the agenda.