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[wg-review] Outreach & Education

I am posting Charles Shaban's offer again, which could be taken up as a
recommendation by WG-Review. What is there to lose?

>> 1. How much does it take to translate those ICANN documents
>>    professionally? Can anybody estimate the ball park?
>>    What number are we talking about here?

Not an advertisement but just a reminder that TAGI did volunteered to
translate any ICANN document to Arabic (Professionally, we have a
full translation department consists of 13 translators), and I am
sure another members in the constituencies or any body related to
ICANN will volunteer for other languages because they will be
interested to let the ICANN material be in their languages to be
available for the whole society.

So please come on and volunteer to make ICANN even better than the UN
in availability for the whole world.

Best Regards

Charles Sha'ban

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