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Re: [wg-review] Re: [cctld-discuss] Comments on review of DNSOby Mr Park


In message <3A6FFA71.DFC0829E@nic.es>, Pilar Luque writes:

> 1. The cost is something that should be studied in Melbourne.  I could
> only tell you that a translator charges in Spain USD 0.5 per word.

Super! No problem, we got zillions to burn! 

> 2. I would like to see ICANN becoming a UN of the Internet

Yes, maybe, but most of us don't. 
> 3. As in the UN

I am from a developing country. I HAVE seen the UN at work. I
seriously don't want ICANN to become like the UN.

We must get ICANN to DO the RIGHT THINGs, not to blow money, that we
don't have, on WRITING about it.

> 4. We are contributing with USD 10,000.  So far the ccTLD have
> contributed with USD 721,109.16 out of the USD 1,496,000 that we
> should pay.

As far as I am concerned, ccTLD didn't contribute anything! We made
donations or loans, but specifically NOT prejudicing us with regards
to the demanded 1.5M, because we don't have (proportionate)

But then what would you know? Too busy to hyperventilate about non


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