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Re: [wg-review] addition to Ms. Swinehart's report

NC Review Task Force members,

Please note one of WG-Review member's request to NC Review task force.
I guess some of you may read Danny Younger's proposal to establish WG's
Uniform Procedure alreday through wg-review archive list which was submitted
after Jan 15th. That's why it could not be incorporated into the report

Therefore, I do fully recommend as WG's liaison NC chair that his report is
valuable to refer to when NC Review TF discusses working group's lack of
procedural issues which WG-Review has been trying to set it up.

I formally request that the document, "Working Group Uniform Procedure to
Establish Consensus", cited at:
be included as an addendum to  Appendix 15 of the 2001. 1. 15 Report ,
Part II [Appendices]; additionally I would ask that you forward a request to
Ms. Swinehart to have this document cited in her report as well.

Best regards,
Danny Younger
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