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Re: [wg-review] addition to Ms. Swinehart's report

At 07:58 AM 1/25/01, Babybows.com wrote:
>I formally request that the document, Working Group Uniform Procedure to 
>Establish Consensus , cited at: 
>be included as an addendum to 2001. 1. 15 Report , Part II [Appendices]; 
>additionally I would ask that you forward a request to Ms. Swinehart to 
>have this document cited in her report as well.


As one of your personal contributions to the process, it certainly belongs 
in the appendices. I would suggest that when the task force report is 
posted tomorrow for comments, you post that as a comment, keyed to the 
consensus section of the task force report. Additionally, we may be able to 
discuss it when we get to standardized procedures.



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