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Re: [wg-review] Re: [cctld-discuss] Comments on review of DNSOby Mr Park

On 24 Jan 01, at 17:38, Pilar Luque wrote:

> You have not read my e-mails with attention.  I am only asking for
> transaltion of crucial ICANN documents to start.

Dear Pilar,
let's cut to the chase.

1. How much does it take to translate those ICANN documents
   professionally? Can anybody estimate the ball park?
   What number are we talking about here?
   US$1000? US$10.000? US$100.000? US$1.000.000? or more?
   If it's only a couple hundred bucks, let's just do it.
2. You said crucial ICANN documents *to start*, then what next?
   Don't you want to translate comments and discussions
   related to those crucial ICANN documents?
   Up to what point do we stop?
3. What languanges do we have to translate those documents to?
   How do we determine this? Based on what criteria?
   [This could go on and on and wasting our time.]

> Burdening ICANN?? I feel like crying.  They are asking the ccTLD
> Constituency to pay for most of the ICANN budget.  Should not we get
> something in return?

Our TLD (TLD-ID) contributed US$1500 for ICANN.
How significat do you think our contribution is?
Do you think it is justified for me to demand document
translation to Bahasa Indonesia (for the amount we contributed)?
How much did you contribute?
How much did ccTLD, as a whole, contribute?

PS: I am not going to translate this to Bahasa Indonesia,
since I am not a professional translator. *wink*

-- budi
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